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If I'm here, it is to learn. Infophilia has characterized my life choices for more than 25 years. From immersing myself in music as a child to French culture, when I thought I would spend my life there in my twenties, to a career in software and beekeeping where I get to be humbled by genius and learn something new daily.

Application & Automation Developer.

Code is the wizard's spell that forces silicon, sand, to execute the wizard's will a million times before you finish this sentence. Purpose and forethought make that mean something.

  • Birthday: 1 December 1982
  • Website: www.jasonstiltner.com
  • Phone: +615.542.5169
  • City: Nashville, Tennessee

This site evolves sometimes. Check it out periodically to get my news. - Jason


Some people are very quantitative. I do not blame these people for this trait.

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Extremely good fortune has allowed me to live some pretty amazing experiences over the years.


Jason Stiltner

Innovative and deadline-driven Developer with 5+ years of experience designing, developing, and implementing solutions from initial concept to final, polished deliverable.

Professional Experience

Senior Application Developer

2018 - 2020

Accenture, Nashville, TN

  • Certified UiPath Advanced Developer, first in the Nashville office
  • Tutored colleagues through the lengthy difficult training program
  • Obtained governmental clearances to work on sensitive projects


2016 - 2018

Atiba, Nashville, TN

  • Leveraged ~40 technologies to develop software in a language-agnostic firm
  • Contributed to large-scale projects still in production today
  • Executed projects as the sole engineer on the project, from beginning to delivery


Certificate; Full Stack

2014 - 2015, Cohort 11

Nashville Software School, Nashville, Tennessee

Back-end portion of the course focussed on writing servers in Node.Js

Master of Arts & Anglophone Literature and Civilization

2003 - 2006

Paris Cite University, Paris, France

Published thesis, studied literary translation and American culture from the outside in.

Bachelor Studies & English

2000 - 2003

Emory University, Atlanta, GA

Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

Focussed especially on the topics of Literary Theory, Poetry, and musical extracurriculars


Sometimes I make things awesome, other times I make awesome things. Here's a few of the projects now or formerly in orbit.

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The cutting edge of technology is changing faster than ever. This makes IT services opaque, where business leadership is typically unaware of best fit tools to solve new problems. A consultative C-suite level understanding of problems permits me to devise and advise on the best blend services like the following.


Intelligent Automation solutions to automate away repetitive digital tasks

Application Creation

From making websites mobile-friendly, to creating complex applications consumers use everyday.


Don't waste money advertising a site that isn't optimized


For those who wish to test their own defenses


A former RiceU professor and owner of tutoring companies on two continents can help you learn tech.


The dynamic world of Technology is at the fulcrum of today's most succcessful companies. Get in the game.